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Cotton, Jute, textile industry, Sugar, vanaspathi and plantation depend upon agriculture directly. The areas that receive heavy rainfall are well irrigated and these are apt for the farming of crops such as jute, rice and sugarcane. Use of tractors and harvesters increase capital formation. It is the sources of international trade because we export agriculture sector in india essay, tobacco, spices and coffee, etc. Like every other sector, the agricultural agriculture sector in india essay has also evolved over the centuries and its development has brought about certain positive and negative repercussions to the society.

There is a special department of agriculture and irrigation in the ministry of Indian government. This is really a shameful thinking.

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During the first century of Christian era the most important development in agriculture was irrigated cultivation in agriculturre. The agriculture sector in India has undergone significant changes in the form of decrease in share of GDP from 30 percent in to Agriculture is agriculture sector in india essay a source of employment.

Every bit of land has been used up for construction of commercial sites.

Till the end of 96, Therefore, the increased food production should aim at trebling food production in the next century. Most of the people of India have adopted Agriculture for their occupation.


Today, marketing, processing, distribution of agricultural products etc. Besides this farm machines are exhausted for their characteristics and betterment.

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Some of these crops include tea, rubber, coffee, cocoa, coconut, fruits and spices. Farm schools as method of communicating distant education on fanning have been adopted by All India Radio stations located in different regions. The agriculture sector in india essay income generated from agricultural activities can very well be invested in banks for capital formation. The Government of India is implementing two Sponsored schemes: Developed countries use these to minimise import from developing countries.

Agriculture has thus impacted the soil and water resources negatively and this has had a major impact on the environment. Agriculture supports the economy like no other sector and thus undoubtedly falls in this category too. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? After green revolution India became a food surplus country. You just have to approach these and use it. Yield as well agriculture sector in india essay profit is high due to the use of modern techniques and hybrid varieties of seeds.


However, it is also practiced in certain parts of India.

Agriculture basically involves the cultivation and production of crops and livestock products. The government has encouraged consolidation of land holdings to promote use of modern farm machines.

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