Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays has its pros and cons, but if you don’t plan your trip correctly, there will be a lot more cons than pros. While proper planning can be time-consuming, it’s still worthwhile.

Either you’re going to see family that you haven’t seen in a while or you’re taking a vacation to a special place, like Disney World or New York City. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need a few holiday travel tips to get you through the transportation portion of your trip.

If you’re traveling by car, then the first tip is simple. If possible, avoid interstates and major highways that run through medium or large cities. The best example here is I-95. If you plan on driving on I-95 during the holidays, you better be prepared for some downtime. This more so the case in the north than the south. Believe it or not, it’s possible to avoid serious traffic on I-95 in the south. All you need is a little luck, which usually means no accidents or construction. As far as traveling in the north goes, your best bet will be to leave at night. This can cut your trip down by a considerable amount. The only negative is that, other than interstate truckers, the people you find on the interstate at night are not often the best drivers. In some cases, they are either reckless teenagers or drunks. Use caution.

When traveling by road, another good tip is to pack your own sandwiches. Having to stop for lunch can really kill your momentum. If you insist on stopping because your legs will need a rest, or some movement, Subway is always a good idea. But choose the right Subway. When they’re in a gas station, they are not as well kept. The vegetables are not as fresh and the meat looks as though it has been sitting out all day. Finding a stand-alone Subway always gives you a better chance of a good meal. And there is always going to be a gas station nearby.

If you’re traveling with children, a good way to keep them from whining is to buy a backseat television screen. Trust me; it’s worth the investment. It will also last well beyond your road trip. As far as bathroom breaks go, make sure everyone goes even if they tell you they don’t have to go, but if you’re a parent, you already know this.

If you happen to be brave enough to travel by air during the holidays, pay careful attention. First and foremost, get to the airport three hours early. This might sound like a lot of extra time, but when you combine traffic and tight security, it’s actually cutting it close. If you arrive early, sit and read a book or play a game with your kids. Try your best not to bring any carry-on luggage. This can make the difference between a smooth trip and a disaster. If you do bring a carry-on bag, make it small. And when everyone is rushing to leave, take a deep breath and keep reading in your seat. You might be the last one off the plane, but your vacation will begin in an eased state of mind.

New York City Travel Tips on a Budget

As New York City is one of the most prestigious places in the world, people often think that it’s impossible to travel there on a budget or with very little money as possible. This article will show the various options you have at your disposal to make your trip to New York City as affordable as possible.

The Activities

There are many activities available in New York City regardless of your budget. Granted, many of them are expensive, but there are quite a few things you can do without spending a dime or spending very little.

Museums and Discount Days

Many of the museums in New York City have discount days or “pay as you wish” days. The greatest thing about this is that the days vary between museums, so it’s entirely possible to go to museums for a whole week and spend very little money at all on the experience. The museums that have suggested admission are also very popular. Two of these are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.

Both the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the Staten Island Museum have free admission on Tuesdays, the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Gardens on Wednesdays, the Children’s Museum of the Arts and the Museum of Arts and Design on Thursdays, the American Folk Art Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Morgan Library and many more have free admission on Fridays.

Some museums even have free admission on the weekends, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Frick Collection. This is great because in many cities you are bored on the weekend and forced to spend money or sit in your hotel room, but in New York City you still have these options available.

Summer Concerts

Summer is probably the best month to go to New York City. Think about it. During the day, you go sightseeing and visit museums often for free and then during the afternoon or evening you can go to many of the thousands of free street concerts. The following New York City travel tips will help you find a great concert when you’re done with your cultural intake at the museums.

Central Park Summerstage

Although some of the concerts held at the Rumsey Playfield are benefits, the vast amount of them are actually free and frequent. You should check out the timetables at Central Park to see what’s playing when.

New York Philharmonic

Every year for a week at the beginning of July the New York Philharmonic performs in all five New York City boroughs. The Bronx and Staten Island concerts are traditionally held indoors, but Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens take place under the open sky and are free.

The Met in the Parks

The Metropolitan Opera performs six concerts in various parks around New York Cities during the month of July as well, completely free!

There are many more free festivals and concerts throughout the year in New York City. Check out the latest travel tips available online for the most up to date information.

Cat Travel Tips

Traveling with cats can be a stressful experience, mostly because cats do not take easily to traveling. They would be much happier remaining at home, and having a pet sitter, neighbor, or friend to look after them. There are times when you can’t find a reliable pet sitter, and have no choice but to take your cat along for the trip. With the right preparations, however, and these cat travel tips, you can keep your cat happy and healthy.

Whenever you go on some type of journey with your cat, you will need to bring a cat carrier. The cat can be prepared for the carrier before the trip by leaving the carrier out with the flap open. Give the cat incentive to explore the carrier by placing a treat inside, or its favorite toy. Praise the cat if it enters the carrier on its own and when it is time to travel, it will have no problem staying inside.

If you are traveling by car, ask the vet for medication that can be used to prevent this or to treat it once it happens. Don’t feed a cat sooner than three hours before departing on your journey and remember to bring a supply of food and water. Also, remember to bring paper towels and a garbage bag, in case you need to clean the carrier.

Ensure good ventilation in the car before departing, especially if it is an exceptionally hot day. Remember to never leave your cat alone in the car, even on a mildly hot day, because heat builds up inside a closed car. Heat stroke is a very dangerous condition that can happen very quickly in a parked car.

When traveling by plane, make sure the airline you’re traveling with allows cats to stay with you. If your airline does allow the cat to stay with you, make sure it has room to move around in its carrier. If the cat has to be carried as cargo, so you will need a crate that meets the specifications of the airline you’re traveling with. It is best to put some familiar items in the crate with your pet because this experience can be a bit traumatic for them the first time around.

These cat travel tips should make your next travel experience less stressful for both you and your feline. Just remember to take the proper precautions with your cat’s health and to make sure the cat’s trip is a comfortable one. With the proper preparations, you can turn what would have been a troublesome trip into a relatively stress free experience.

Top Travel Tips for People Who Love to Travel

Going out on an adventure or visiting a foreign place after a hectic schedule at work is one of the most rewarding things to do in life. However, even traveling can give you a headache if you do not know how to plan or prepare for your trip or travel. Your vacation can turn out just another struggle to overcome if you meet problems along the way.

To avoid hassle on your trip abroad, below are the things you need to know so you can enjoy your stay in your destination:

First, you need to know the place where you will stay. Familiarize yourself with your destination. You should know the tourist spots or the beautiful place you will likely go to. Check the prices of food, souvenirs and other things you would likely spend money on. It is also wise to know if there’s a big difference between cost of living and tourist price in your place of destination.

Second, prepare travel documents. It is wise if you photocopy your visa or any pertinent travel documents. You can also give copies to your family at home so they know where you will go to. Share your itinerary to your loved ones so in case of any untoward incident, they can be informed right away. Keep in touch with them as you go along your adventure as well.

Third, you need to take medicines and off lotion with you. Get medicines for headache, stomach ache and flu because they are the most common sicknesses. Off lotion, on the other hand, comes handy when you go to a tropical destination because of the prevalence of mosquitoes and other flies that might cause skin irritation or injury. This is also helpful when you travel with elderly or kids.

Fourth, you need to research on the weather or climate of the place so you know which type of clothes to bring. However, always get a pair of swimming trunks or suits. Bring clothes that are comfortable to wear. Avoid clothes that will give you a hard time to move or travel.

Eight Smart Travel Tips to Save Money and Fly Safer

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or sometimes traveler, these useful travel tips will help you save money on flights, hotels and rental cars and travel more safely on the road or in the air.

  1. Booking hotels for the weekend is all business. Hotels that cater to vacationers generally raise rates on weekends, while hotels designed for business travelers tend to lower their weekend rates. By booking where business travelers stay, you may be able to save a good chunk of change, especially in the larger cities.
  2. Sign up for flight status notifications. To know if your flight is delayed or on time before you get to the airport, go to or and sign up to receive email and/or text notices.
  3. Know the skinny on your seat. is a site that provides information and ratings on various airlines’ in-flight amenities and seating, such as legroom, so you can make an informed decision about the seat you choose. Tip: JetBlue earned above average for seat comfort in a Consumer reports survey.
  4. How to cut corners on a rental car. Rental car rates are going up. To save money, look on for coupons and discounts and rent from an off-airport location. Also, beware of additional offers from the rental car company – you may already have accident insurance through your own car insurance or credit card. And you may want to pass on the prepaid gas offer – you’ll likely overpay, especially if you return the car with gas left in the tank.
  5. Know the safety rating of your rental car. Vehicles vary in their head-on collision and side, rear and rollover impact ratings. Find out the safety rating of the car you’ll be driving at sites such as or
  6. Take advantage of free apps. Go to for an app that gives you a heads up about a given airport’s food, shopping and service options. The Flysmart and goHow apps give information on airport restaurants, shops, ATMs, restrooms and other amenities inside each airport as well as arrival and departure times.
  7. Get e-mail alerts for sales and specials. Follow your favorite airline on Twitter for special rates and deals and sign up for e-mail alerts at, and Also, the best time to book is Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST since most airline sales campaigns start late Monday night.
  8. Other helpful travel sites: rates airline “TripQuality” based on 12 factors, including leg room, aircraft age and on-time performance. offers trip advice from real people on Facebook and Twitter. turns your hotel, flight and other travel confirmation emails into mobile itineraries for your phone or PDS. is a beautiful site that offers its members deep discounts on exotic vacations. ranks hotel rooms on various criteria such as price and room view.

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How to Beat Jet Lag for Good

Air travel can be a lot of fun, but also it can be very tiring. A common thing people experience after air travel is this phenomenon called jet lag. Jet lag is where your body and mind feels tired and out of sync with the local time zone. One of the causes of jet lag happens when you cross through various time zones and because of that your body’s time clock is not adjusted to the new time zone yet. So for example when you reach to your destination overseas to a new time zone, day time there maybe your late night of your home country, so your body may feel tired because it still thinks it is night time.

Having massive jet lag is not fun and actually may ruin your trip if it is not attended to properly. Here are some quick and effective air travel tips to beat jet lag.

Tip #1: Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine on the plane

While on the plane you may be tempted with all the wide range of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks available, but do not give in on them! Reason is that these drinks will cause dehydration in your body, and especially with the dry air in the plane, this will multiply the effect. Dehydration of your body has been found to be linked with making jet lag worse! Therefore drink as much water as you can so that your body stays nice and hydrated while on the plane.

Tip #2: Sleep as much as you can on the plane

One of the easiest tricks to beating jet lag is to sleep as much as you can on the plane. This will help in adjusting your body to the new time zone difference and providing your body with ample rest. If you do have trouble sleeping on the plane, then there are various sleeping aides you can take to help you sleep. However before you start taking sleeping aides, it is best to consult your local doctor for their expert advice.

Tip #3: Don’t be tempted to sleep during the day at your destination

When you arrive at your destination, usually the first two days you will feel the most jet lagged. With that you will start feeling tired during odd times of the day such as in the late morning, or late afternoon. Do not give in and sleep during these times of the day.

You must push yourself to force your body out of your old time zones and stay awake until it’s the evening when it is proper for a night’s rest. One way to keep your body pumped up for the day is to do some regular exercises and stretches. This will help keep your blood circulating and help to keep your mind focused.

Jet lag can be a drag to your vacation. It can ruin your vacation by causing your body to feel tired and out of sync with the world. However if you follow the above three simple but effective air travel tips to cope with jet lag, then you should be able to beat it within the first two to three days of landing at your destination.

Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the past 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on how to get value for money in all his travel destinations.

Air Travel Tips – 3 Must Do Things At The Airport Before You Board The Plane

There are many important things to do at the airport before you board your flight. It is critical to ensure you get these important things done and done correctly so that you will have the most enjoyable flight possible. Most people sometimes forget these simple things, and therefore may end up having a very stressful trip. Here are the three important air travel tips of things you must do at the airport before you fly out.

Tip #1: Arrive to the airport for check in at least 2 hours before departure

Most airlines start the check in process three hours before departure. However if you arrive too early, there is the issue of having too much time to kill in the airport while waiting for your flight, and also there is the issue that by being one of the first to check in, you are usually going to be one of the last to receive your luggage upon arrival.

Therefore it is recommended to arrive to the airport about 2 hours before the scheduled departure to check in your luggage. This optimal timing should provide you enough time to check in, cross through customs and security, and have a minimal waiting time to board your flight.

Tip #2: Go the washroom right before you are ready to enter the boarding gates

This may sound obvious, but many people do not do this and pay the price later. It is a very good idea to go to the washroom right before you are ready to enter the boarding gates to the plane. It is better to get this out of the way so that you can avoid the last minute urge to go to the washroom right when the airplane is about to take off! Also as a plus point, usually the washrooms in the airport are spotless and much cleaner than the washroom on the plane!

Tip #3: Buy any last minute snacks and reading materials

Especially for long flights, you may be stuck in the plane for a long time without anything to do. Therefore while waiting for your flight to depart, it is a good idea to pickup any last minute items such as snacks (such as candy and gum), and reading materials (magazines and books). This way you can arm yourself with things to do during your flight.

Flying can be a tough time for some, simply because of the fact that there are many things to prepare. However if you follow some of these air travel tips, it can help to ease the stress when you reach the airport.

Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the past 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on how to get value for money in all his travel destinations. He constantly delivers informative, accurate, and insightful travel information through his travel blog

Air Travel Tips – How To Keep Your Children At Bay During Your Flight

Flying with kids is usually a big challenge, as there are many things you need to take care of. Kids can be quite emotional when flying, especially when it is their first time. It can get stressful for everyone as there are many things to prepare for the flight. However there are many things you can do to counteract this to ensure yourself and your kids have the most enjoyable flight. Below are three simple but effective air travel tips to keep your children happy during the flight.

Tip #1: Dress the kids in comfortable clothing

Because the seats on the plane are very cramped, and you will be spending most of the time glued to your seat during the flight, then it makes good sense to ensure your kids are dressed comfortably. Making sure your kids are comfortable is one of the first key steps in ensuring your kids are going to be happy during the flight. Some great clothing for kids to wear are jogging pants, and t-shirts.

Tip #2: Bring some toys to keep your kids entertained

Especially for long flights where things can get quite boring, it is a good idea to get a few easy to pack toys to keep your kids entertained. This is also good for kids that have a fear of flying as it can help ease the fear. However do not bring too much toys on board, as it may cause a mess after when you are ready to pack up to leave the plane. Just bring enough that can keep you kids well engaged. Some of the great toys you can bring on board include your child’s favorite stuff animal and handheld video games.

Tip #3: Bring extra sweaters, jackets, or blankets

It can get quite cold in the plane, and therefore can cause your kid to feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is recommended to bring some extra sweaters or jackets on board so that they can use them when necessary. Also on most flights blankets are provided, so this is also an alternative to keep your kids warm.

In conclusion, flying can be a stressful time for everyone, but also can be a fun time too. So by keeping things fun and upbeat, it will help create a positive environment for your kids. Flying with your kids should be an enjoyable experience, if you follow some of these helpful air travel tips.

Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the past 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on how to get value for money in all his travel destinations. He constantly delivers informative, accurate, and insightful travel information through his travel blog

Travel Tips That Everyone Should Know About

Traveling is very exciting but planning the trip doesn’t tend to be as much fun. Arranging the logistics of any trip can be complex and mentally intimidating. By educating yourself with these travel tips, you can make the planning process as painless as possible.

Educate yourself on the current political and social situations of a country before you visit it. Check online for information and updates about anything happening overseas that could affect your travel plans. By checking the website, you will avoid running into any dangerous situations while abroad.

It’s a good idea to get National Park passes if you often visit National Parks. They only cost $50 and remain good for use that year at any national park.

When you travel, don’t forget to pack a plastic contact case. These can serve as compact and light weight containers for liquids like moisturizers.

To make the most of your precious travel time, don’t forget to consider how the weather may influence and affect your travel plans. Check the forecast for your destination. There is nothing worse on your vacation than having to retreat from the weather when you least expect it.

To avoid jet lag, try to stay up until about 8pm local time. Resist the urge to fall asleep too early because this will only prolong the disorientation of jet lag. The sooner you can adjust to local time, the sooner your jet lag will disappear.

Plan for comfort by choosing seats you’ll enjoy on your plane flights. While not true of all carriers, most airlines will allow you to specify where in the plane you would like to be seated. After booking a flight, always watch the booking site to see if this option becomes available. You are sure to be happier with a seat of your choice, rather than having to take any seat that is left.

If you are leaving the country, make sure you have the visas you should have. Getting a visa doesn’t mean that you can just enter a country as there are various visas; it is important to do your research. To figure out which visa you need, consult your travel agent or even the country’s embassy website.

Keep track of your important belongings when traveling. If you are carrying a purse, be sure to have it tucked neatly under your arm. Do not carry a bag with easy access to any of the pockets. When buying a travel bag, keep this in mind.

Getting to your destination and finding out your bags did not make it can be scary, but avoid panicking. Ask airport staff for help. They will direct you to someone who can start the appropriate paperwork. Be sure to have your travel documents handy for this. Generally, your luggage will show up, and you’ll get it as quickly as possible.

Take a minimum of valuable items with you when you travel. The more you take with you, the higher your chances of losing the items. Even worse, they could be stolen.

Reading online reviews can help narrow down your search for the perfect resort or hotel, while also making you aware of what to expect. The information available online will help you to avoid places that other travelers have had a bad experience with and assure that you have the best experience possible.

Many airports have added these to enhance waiting areas and provide a diversion and entertainment for young children while waiting for flights. This makes delays seem far more manageable and can also make the wait more enjoyable for your children.

In order to start your vacation on the right foot, make sure that you acquire some of that country’s currency before you get there. Exchange rates at airports can come with some hefty fees, or it could be difficult to find an exchange office that is open if you arrive to a country at night. Many large banks can sell you foreign money, so head there prior to going the airport.

Travel is a great opportunity to learn more things. Traveling to foreign lands provides you with an ideal opportunity to teach your children about the workings of the world beyond your own country, and, with just a few sensible precautions, it is also completely safe. This is a wonderful way to create an understanding of the rest of the world and to build tolerance of others.

If you plan going camping or hiking, be sure to keep a map handy of the surrounding area. You should also consider taking a long a GPS unit or compass in case you lose your way.

Travel Tips for the Deaf and Mute

A well-planned trip can go awry at any time due to miscommunication. While travel issues can easily arise even when a traveler believes that he or she has taken care of every aspect of the trip, these issues may be a bigger challenge to those who have inherent communication problems due to speech and/or hearing impairment. However, do not let the daunting travel stories of deaf and mute people discourage you.

You can plan a dream holiday alone or with your near and dear ones simply by planning a few months in advance and keeping a few important pointers in mind. Most of the travel tips for deaf and mute provided in this article are just common sense. To begin with, you need to decide about your travel destination. You can choose to go to any place you wish to visit and enjoy a memorable holiday experience as long as you plan it well.

Selecting the hotel

Once you have picked a location for your travel, you need to make your hotel reservations. This requires doing your homework well. You need to find the top disabled-friendly hotels in the place of your visit and check the list of facilities and services that they offer for the physically challenged. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that was passed in 1990, hotel accessibility should comprise a number of facilities fordeaf and mute guests as well. These include visual alert devices for various in-room amenities such as telephones, alarm clocks, and fire alarms.

Since hearing impairment is an invisible disability, you need to tell people about it to make them aware of the same. You need to do the same while booking a room in a hotel. You should mail the hotel manager, intimating him or her about your disability and requesting him or her to provide you detailed information about the special facilities available such as TDD units and closed-caption televisions in the room.

It is highly recommended that you choose to stay in a room on the ground floor, so that you can get out quickly in case of an emergency. In addition to that, you should ask the manager about the check in and checkout times at the time of making a booking and request the manager to mail you the booking confirmation code on your email id. In addition to that, you can request the manager for any special assistance that you may require during your stay in the hotel.

Flight tickets and traveling arrangements

It is extremely important that you inform the flight reservation person about your hearing impairment at the time of booking your tickets. This way he or she can arrange for a person who knows sign language in case those services are required any time during security check or boarding the flight. Most top airlines offer TDD service that allows deaf and mute passengers to communicate with others via text messages that they type on a keyboard. Keep these tips in mind while planning a vacation.