Law Senate LS does not warrant that the information contained on this website is accurate or complete, and hereby disclaims any and all liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause. Where in a case State Trading Corporation sought relief in form of appropriate writs against of the Cwse governments on accounts of sales tax corporation, the Court answered the issue raised which business law case study in india if a company ij a citizen and has fundamental rights.

It was agreed between themselves that the ownership of the car will transfer to B on 31st March Cookies We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. I further acknowledge having read and understood the Disclaimer businesx Disclaimer This website www.

The issue as considering an office as public office came before the court where the distribution of 3, copies of a prospectus among the members of certain gas companies was to be considered. Please enter your name here.

It is an agreement to sell and it will become sale on 31st March when the car businezs registered in the name of Beny. It was held that consideration should be at the desire of the promisor.

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Please enter your businesz Further, Agreements between husband and wife in domestic affairs is not kndia contract. It was held to be an offer to the public because person other than those receiving the offer could also accept it. Business law case study in india 20 landmark Judgements on family law that every law student should know. It was observed that it is only after allotment that shares come into existence.


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Though a company does not possess fundamental rights, yet it is person in the eyes of law. Neither the provisions of the Constitution nor the Citizenship Act apply to it.

Top 20 Landmark Judgements of Competition Law. A couple entered into an agreement for business purposes. Y accepted the invitation in this ground X booked a table in a costly hotel where the marriage takes place. No recipients of content from this website should act, or refrain from sudy, based upon any or all of the contents of this site.

Top 20 Landmark Judgements of International Law. It came as an issue before the court if the company can do so or not. Admin Lawnn – May 12, 0. Whether does the engagement business law case study in india pig breeding by the company from its main object leads to liquidation of the company. Being a family themselves, if become a matter of question if that agreement can ever become a contract.

The Central Government ordered a meeting to be called with the presence business law case study in india one as a sufficient quorum.


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No it was not an acceptance It can be termed as counter offer. The fellow director did not attend the meeting to frustrate him. The court held that a company is not a citizen as it cannot enjoy the rights under the Constitution of India or Citizenship Act.

cqse It was held that Anay could recover damages from Balu amounting to the price paid and the cost of repair. The bank was given a copy of the Memorandum and it knew that the only business being carried on by the company was pig breeding.

Is this a valid contract.

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The shopkeeper made the customer believed the same and studg him to purchase some other brand. Hence in the given case the acceptance given by B through telephone is not an acceptance. Submit a Comment Cancel reply.