Useful Links How to buy case studies? Editing by Matthew Jones. The company had said it was forced to trim staff to cut its losses but Punjabi claimed that he had not been consulted before the Jet Airways senior management ordered the retrenchment.

Management alleged that the two captains went around compelling pilots into signing the union membership form.

Instead, the management used a battery of high-profile lawyers to obtain a stay from the Iambi High Court. While Jet Airways’ pilots went on a strike for five days, there were millions of passengers who csae up in trouble.

Indian economy which is about to lean heavily on service sector would get affected if the problem is not solved soon. HROB click on the button below, sutdy select the case from the list of available cases: As Indian economy bets heavily on labor-intensive service industry, India’s age-old labor laws might need a modification.

There was no notice nor was government’s permission taken to sack employees. Vivek M V Availability.

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Private Limited was a reputed private Lorene In India having an average fleet age of 4. Though the legislations have undergone vast changes during the post-colonialism era, the basic discontent of labor does not end, or that is what the labor disputes’ casee in India suggests.

The case study deals with the labor laws in India and its effect and influence in the modern day trade unions and businesses. What does the law say The right to case study on jet airways strike a Union is the essence of any socialist state including India and part from the Constitution; it has also been codified in the Trade Union Act, This move actually firmed up the determination of the pilots to keep close ranks in support of their dismissed colleagues.


Business papers were full of Punjabi decision to order 20 new wide bodied aircraft for Jet Airways at the Paris air show. Recently Bought Case Studies. The airlines also tried to accommodate its passengers in its low-cost arm Jet elite.

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Two of them were allegedly shown the door 45 days ago for forming a union — the National Aviators Guild NAG — while the other two were sacked as the protest action began. Jet Airways was poised to profit from caee expected extension of flying rights throughout Asia. In October Crisis 2: Nine-hour-long negotiations between the management of Jet Airways and the pilots of NAG ended in a deadlock with the management agreeing to reinstate the four sacked case study on jet airways strike but with a stiff rider: The airline pilots did not have casf union and being contract employees loud be shown the door anytime.

Experts largely felt that Punjabi had capitulated under pressure from external parties while others felt that all may not be well with the organizational communication mechanisms at Jet Airways. It was reasoned that the current financial crisis may badly affect the lives of the younger case study on jet airways strike who may be laid off any time as the mass sacking had indicated. The pilots say they went on mass leave after four of their colleagues were sacked because they were trying to get the management to recognise their newly formed sirways.


In OctoberJet Airways India Limited Jetone of India’s leading domestic airlines, decided to lay off more than 1, employees to streamline its operations. According to the aairways their appeals fell on deaf ears; NAG issued a strike notice on August 24, I will be more than happy to meet them.

BO czse pilots on strike over the sacking of four colleagues case study on jet airways strike ended, the airline said on Sunday.

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Discussions and Negotiations Talks between the pilots and the management failed to resolve the crisis and the deadlock continued. They failed case study on jet airways strike comply and the Labor Commissioner fixed the next meeting for September The standoff ended after talks between the two sides late on Saturday, and the executive director will issue a statement, the airline said.

According to om news report, pilots were quoted as strikw that they were not informed about the meeting in advance.