What CelAction2D gives you is the power to animate these assets extremely quickly. To integrate better with 3D, CelAction2D can import 3D CGI models and can position them anywhere in a fully three-dimensional space, allowing easy set-up of complex environments. Our future Since we began, our passion and knowledge of the industry have become well-known, and our staff are regarded as experts in the animation field, being called on to lecture at Universities and to sit on juries for animation awards. We have experience in all aspects of the production process, and act as consultants for companies both new to the industry and those looking to create a digital paperless workflow.

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The majority of the sketches in each episode were written and animated in the 3 days before broadcast, and some scenes were animated on the day of broadcast itself. Spine is a 2D animation program for the game and software development. When you upgrade, you receive the latest version of the software, including any upgrades you missed. You can also output a 3-D stereoscopic-ready file that can then be converted in a third-party program into any 3-D format. Being an advanced level of 2D software, Animation Paper is designed for the professional and experienced animators and designers.

The latest version of Express Animator support for the Actionscript so that you can get the genre of vector based graphics….

This is for rental only, so you only pay for what you use. The best animation comes from using a variety of different skills and creative inputs - the same is true for the production process.

13 CelAction 2D Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives

Legal Notice - Site Map - Subscribe to our newsletter. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Based in London, England, we provide expertise in state-of-the-art graphics programming to film-makers and production companies looking to produce high quality animation at high speed.

That means the users can now easily create the 2D animation of a higher quality by adopting…. However, still can be used by other animators and designers as well. This feat has never been equalled on such a high-end show. Contact us for specific pricing according to your needs. During the production of the series CelAction had a staff member permanently on site in the studio, to help the animators get the best from the software and also to get vital feedback on the development of CelAction2D.

You never have to draw the same thing twice. Remarkably for a 2D program, CelAction2D has no drawing tools - all assets are created in your preferred software such as Photoshop, TV Paint, Illustrator or Flashallowing you to choose exactly how you create your images.

CelAction - 2D animation software developers

Audio samples can be played simultaneously in the exposure sheet for timing and lip-syncing purposes. This series is set to be a landmark in East Africa's animation history, and celactuon beginning of what everyone hopes will be a fruitful industry in the future.

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The Studio Edition includes the PlusOne module. It is available for both 32 and bit versions.

Anime Studio Debut Alternatives. It is a like a storyboard for the gamers, designers and developers for creating the best level of animation and publishing materials.

Engage, explain and sell with impact…. This 2D software is the fine combination of functional and best-drawing features from auto lip sync system to the facial puppet.

Toon Boom Animation is a highly advanced 2D animation software designed to deal with the mega designing and development projects.


The best about Toon Boom Animation is that xelaction is the fine combination of high quality…. It is a uniquely simple to use and versatile tool for producing aniamtions and graphics for all kinds. CelAction2D gives you all the quality of hand-drawn animation, but always on model, with textures and line quality that would be impossible to maintain using traditional methods, and amazingly fast ways of animating, with automation that just works without getting in the way of your creativity.

What CelAction2D gives you is the power to animate these assets extremely quickly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Includes upgrades and support for the duration of the project. Now your team can be split into designers who have drawing skills to stay on model and create all the assets and animators who just need to have a sense of posing and timing.

DigiCel FlipBook makes animation easier to learn because it is easy to use and designed on the principles of best animation systems. Inwe released a program for storyboarding called CelAction Animatic, designed to be the fastest way of producing storyboards and animatics, enabling story artists to be as efficient as possible, getting their ideas celcation to screen as soon as they think of them.

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