In my opinion, daily homework is necessary; Reasons & Examples

Because the homework is a review, we can remember of the class, and result ideas. For example, in class, sometimes we don’t understand some contents, but we can understand through homework.

do you think daily homework is necessary for students Three reasons about why many teachers assign homework to students everyday are; they can practice a lot of topics such as ESL, homework helps students learn material more in depth, and promos social interaction. For example, students have to find information by them selves because the teacher isn’t there. Finally, homework helps us to remember the lesson. From the one side, daily homework brings many benefits.

Many teachers assign homework to students every day. For a long time, a question has been discussed: Personally, I think that this issue has some advantages and studebts.

In my opinion, daily homework is necessary; Reasons & Examples

do you think daily homework is necessary for students In conclusion, I think that daily assignment is important for all students to have a good performance at school. For example, a student will have homfwork do his daily homework if he is going to specialise in this field in the future. Lastly, we can evaluate ourselves through homework. Finally, homework promotes responsibility for the students when the teacher assign any homework, if you complete that homework the teacher will think you are a responsible student.

It helps us to increase our languages from quizzes, which the teacher conduct in the school. First, It also helps students maintain higher grade in the school. Refer to is and they.


A zoo has no useful purpose. So, teachers will know who need to improve their studies or who need more help. In my view, daily homework can be one of the most important parts for students to improve their academic skills if it is adapt to their knowledge.

On the other hand students who did not get daily homework has seen lazy and careless or couch potato. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Here are couple of reasons for supporting my view.

The first reason about why many teachers assign homework to student everyday is they practice a lot of topics such as ESL. Independent study can improvement concentration, and we can achieve our goal through independent study.

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Furthermorealthough you did your homework, you don’t know that problem again you can know your weak point. In my opinion, Homework is necessery for students, Homework promotes practice on a topic,Remember what they learn in class. So, basically, doing daily homework will not keep him in a good shape. Now, students often talks about their teachers and complain that they give homework on daily basis to students and as far as my answer I would say its a good thing for students and for this I will support teachers who assign homework daily to students.


So, with no doubt I strongly believe in daily homework to students assigned by teachers. For instance, do you think daily homework is necessary for students a person has no interest in biology, but has a huge interest in music he has to spend his precious time doing his homework and reading uninteresting books instead of spending the time practising new melodies.

Do you think that necessaryy homework is homeeork for students? When do you think daily homework is necessary for students lazy students do not have any assignment to do, they may do some negative activities that are not good for their health such as, watching television, playing violent video games to name but a few. They are not our enemies instead, they are well wishers so there fore they give daily homework to use to of it rather than a burden in final exams and end up with low grades.