Still there are many serious challenges before our democracy.

70 Years of Indian Democracy: Achievements and Challenges – Sakshipost

India had passed through many a testing time since Independence. The ultimate power is in their hands and they exercise it in the form of electing their representatives at the time of elections. Likewise, parties that emerged on the basis of appeals to identities on the basis of caste and challengee too moderated their ideology due to electoral compulsions.

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Violence has spread to educational institutions and universities. There is free, independent and separate judiciary to see that these rights are not violated and tampered with. They too, pose threat to democracy.

If drastic and immediate steps are not to be taken, the future of Indian democracy would be in danger. Elected governments were overthrown in military coups.

A second challenge is dynastic succession. Obviously, democracy is not a one-sided game and it needs two or more players in the form of ruling party, parties in opposition and the electorate. Esszy, they are not mentally prepared to find a solution to the problems of the nation. Indian democracy has been quite successful and its future seems quite bright.


Attempts were made to stifle political opposition. Thus, political parties see that there is nothing against the spirit of democracy, freedom, equality and social justice. Unfortunately, we do not have ddemocracy leaders in India. Free sample essay on Democracy in India. Economic growth is also being threatened by the rapidly growing population, mounting unemployment and poverty.

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In several post colonial countries constitutions were scrapped. Media reports on deals and corruption scandals, such as the 2G scam and the coal scam, tell us how the craft of political graft has been so much refined over the years.

India, a union of states, is a sovereign socialist, secular, democratic, republic, with a parliamentary system of government. India is the only country in the world where communist parties came to form governments through elections and continue to be in power for essay on challenges to indian democracy very long time, although at state level.

Such people can be exploited by the politicians. Achievements and Challenges Guest Column August 14,5: The democratic experience of India also taught some essay on challenges to indian democracy political lessons for all the people of the world. There are various challenges to Indian democracy. For this also active interest of the people is necessary. They will not be able to organize public opinion in a proper manner.


They have no prick of conscience to gain power even at the cost of the democratic system of India. The first challenge is political and administrative corruption.

70 Years of Indian Democracy: Achievements and Challenges

The country saw the assassinations of its top political leaders: It was for the first time that the Indian National Congress was routed because of the imposition of Emergency, during which the spirit of democracy underwent a shocking and traumatic experience. Kondaveeti Chinnaya Suri University of Hyderabad.

Indian democracy has very deep and strong foundations.