Growing crops, fishing, poultry and animal husbandry were among the tasks undertaken by them. The industrial sector has especially seen a boom in the last few decades. The government of India as well as the talented youth have worked hard to raise it.

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Far-reaching measures introduced by the government over the past few years to liberalize the Indian market and integrate it with the global economy are widely acknowledged.

Skip to main content. This will ensure around 8 per cent growth in future years. These activities are vital for our economy. India is today one of the six fastest growing economies of the world. Essay on economy of india sector consists of agriculture and its allied activities including dairy, exonomy, cattle rearing, fishing, forestry, animal husbandry etc.

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Services are the main source of economic growth in India today, though two-thirds of Indian people earn their living directly or indirectly through agriculture. This has contributed to slowdown in economic growth rate to 6.

It, thus promoted peace and helped the country prosper at various levels. Demonetization stopped the flow of black money in the real estate sector to ensure a fair play.

In order to ensure an upward graph, it came up with the following policies:.


Many of our small scale as well as large scale manufacturing industries suffered huge losses thereby impacting the economy of the country negatively.

Indian economy is growing at a steady speed. This sector has seen a growth in the last few decades. It consists of all the economic organizations which are controlled and managed by the government. In the primary sector, most of the goods are produced by using natural resources, since India is a overpopulated agro based economy, therefore, this sector plays an important role for economic growth.

The government of our country has taken several initiatives to ensure the economic growth and development ever since independence. Community essay on economy of india Projects, National Extension Services were launched. A highly talented, skilled and English-speaking human resource base essay on economy of india its backbone. They looted our country and left it in a poor economic state.

The Indian economy has seen several positive changes since independence. India was successful in attaining the growth rate of 6. The social and economic problems India faces are the increasing population, povertylack of infrastructure buildings, roads, etc. Industrialization is confined to few states and cities, and a bulk of rural areas unaffected by industrialization. In recent times, due to its large number of well-educated people who can speak EnglishIndia became a essay on economy of india in information technology.


In and global financial crisis and consequently global meltdown caused fall in saving rate to The essays sometimes cut across themes, but I have organized them loosely into these six categories. India as a less Developed Country.

However, it is recovering from the loss and the economic condition is likely to improve this year. Besides, due to indla inflation, especially food inflation in the last some years has adversely our saving and investment. Both central and state governments in India join their hands in all the spheres leading to essay on economy of india development.

The news of demonetization was a big shocker for every Indian. That is, the corporate companies retained i. This higher growth rate of fixed capital formation caused 9 per cent average growth in GDP during to