However, some do not agree that exams are important. There are various reasons for policymakers to initiate a rethink of the much-vaunted examination system.

How about make it original? It’s also in-effective and costly, and this is why it should be abolished in the United States, by following how some states and. Homework can cause stress, depression and lower grades. The students will memorize all the notes given by the teachers and they will also revise all the works given to them. Women and Families of Puritan Society. Heart of Darkness in Relation to its Title. How about receiving a customized one? If a person obtains information, his or her decision-making capability is likely to improve, thus benefiting both the person and other people.

Some teachers are too lenient essay on public examination should be abolished at school level some are too strict.

Why Examination Should Not Be Abolished Essay

They have to burn the midnight oil just because they have exams. I am of the opinion that the time has come for us to abolish this system, a system which has come under fire from multiple sections of the community, particularly the students.

I believe that they should not be abolished as an examination are great motivator for students; showing students merits, short comings and give teachers feedback of students studies. Without the exams, the teachers cannot assess the true ability of a student and that is why exams are important.


Why Examination Should Not Be Abolished Essay Example for Free

schol Get inspired and start your paper now! This will show that exams could give good impact for students. Exams could give a big impact in everyone life.

Examinations add to our ability, power of toleration, perseverance and other good qualities. But sometimes, for some students that are weak in certain subjects, essay on public examination should be abolished at school level will seek some helps from others. As much importance has been attached to it in virtually every academic institutions across the globe, the voices of those who lobby for its eradication lecel seldom heard, let alone be considered seriously.

The exam is an evil but it is necessary. Otherwise, we will still be suffering from the economical burdens, aging.

Thus, although the one essay on public examination should be abolished at school level policy’s intention is to create a better society for people, it has already done harm to people’s basic human rights. Exams may test a greater range of skills and it may also be an efficient way to measure the knowledge.


There should be no disputation on whether the death penalty should be abolished, especially after it is quite certain that it claims the lives of. Legalized Killing Should Be Abolished Essay words – 9 pagesexposes, and educates people about the unfairness and ineffectiveness of capital ag.

In the last 30 years, inmates on the death row were found to be innocent and released. Edith Simms, once an. How to cite this page Choose cite format: High grades make them feel better about themselves and increase confidence.

For some students, they think that exams could make them stress and could cause depression. The death penalty is the harshest form of punishment in the world.

They will be more pkblic towards their works just to be one the top. The main question asked is: