The younger generation today wants to learn new things and explore the world on their own. The youth has the power to make or mar a nation. The youth today has a lot of potential and it is the duty of the parents invia the teachers to direct essay on youth of india today creativity and calibre in the right direction.

Disciplined students toady literate citizens of a nation. If we use coercive measures they are likely to retaliate in violent manner. A nation that focuses on its youth and empowers them by way of different initiatives and programs is moving in the right direction.

The youth today – are they more impatient than a few decades ago.

So basically, the youth today has started questioning the set norms of the society. If he had not thought of that dream he would have accomplished nothing in his life. We may thus conclude that the present youth culture is doing more harm than yoday to our young men and women.

However, the youth today do not even know who lives next door. The backbone of any strong nation is its students. The youth of today is self obsessed and wants to show off anything and everything he does by way of social media. About Picture Gallery Online Test. No doubt the youth of modern India has its own limitations and problems, etc.


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Young people are gregarious. Give them moral lessons from time to time depending on their age. The first step towards building strong youth is to impart education. Proper orientation and positive steps are needed to engage the youth of the country in nation-building activities.

Many of them are successful entrepreneurs, engineers, managers, doctors and programmers. Lack of proper guidance and indulgence in the so-called pleasures of life has tooday them weak and prone to maladies of serious kind.

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oof These set of people are smart workers and go getters. With the advancement in technology that has led to the advent of various gadgets, the lifestyle and overall attitude towards life has changed.

This has had both positive and negative repercussions on the society. You can select any youth essay given below according to your need and requirement:. Buddhist monks essay on youth of india today scholars from China and elsewhere came to Nalanda in the present-day Bihar yuth ago to learn about a faith which is now the major religion practiced in most of the East.

A world free of discrimination on the grounds of uouth, colour, language and gender. They can only be rectified through proper education and training.

The Nehru Yuvak Kendras, about in number and spread all over the country, serve non-students and rural essay on youth of india today to improve their personality and employment capability. The government of India also aims at youth-led development.


It has launched several initiatives for enhancing the leadership qualities and other skills of the youth in the country.

Essay on youth of india today we have provided varieties of essays on Youth under different words limit to help you with the topic in your exam. The younger generation, which is more generous, esay, sensitive and dynamic, can do wonders if properly guided and motivated.

It is important for you to teach your kids what is right and what is wrong. Blinded by the glamour of the west, the youth of India does not realize how rich our Indian culture has always been. He thought an Youyh would help him hone his skills further.