But thesls she is an obvious AA admit, gaffe prone, and has commented that her test scores were not particularly good, the bad writing seems to have confirmed her lack of intelligence rather than being something people dismiss as michelle obama princeton thesis paper. Michelle has pushed her race back 40 years plus with her remarks. Seriously, one has the feeling blacks have no idea that alienation is a big part of the human condition.

Dude — great column! Comment by Christopher W. In particular it means absolutely nothing to critique this specific thesis unless in the context of an adequate random sample of students from the same course in that era, and with knowledge of the marks achieved for each piece.

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Michelle graduated with a degree thesie Race Entitlement Studies. Comment by Tony Blanco — November 6, 2: How did she get admitted to Princeton,her English is Horrific. Michelle Obama’s Thesis Unblocked. It is obvious which group the Obamas identify the most with.

Michelle obama princeton honors thesis

If were going to micuelle Mrs. We were told when she and her husband entered as President and First Lady that this thesis would be sealed until she michelle obama princeton thesis paper her position so I am astonished to see that some responses came as early as I am a TA at a top, non-Ivy League university.


What I princton from these two will be complete collapse of our freedoms with more taxes and government intrusion into our lives. We are ALL guilty of michelle obama princeton thesis paper this I am referring to the different culturesbut if we continue do so, what is the legacy that we leave for our children?

He failed the bar exam four times before giving up. Prince Harry opens up about mental health struggles in Invictus Games closing ceremony. ISIS gunmen kill at least 40 U.

Wives of struggling presidents get michelle obama princeton thesis paper marks just for standing by their man. After living papeg Clinton and Bush Jr. Her father had a secure city government job that provided adequately for his family. As for her professors, do you really think any of them would have been insouciant suicidal?

Analyzing Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis

If you bothered to read the Newsweek article on her and not the Steve Sailer guessing game. I am sorry to see that a man as intelligent as Barry Obama has allied himself with a movement of people with this very destructive mentality.

Ivy League institutions do not produce perfect people because they do not have perfect professors. And have a lot more influence than serious media.


Surely that is an unusual feature for a Princeton social sciences thesis! What do you think? An interesting discussion is worth comment.

Comment by gaily — September 16, 9: This post could not be written any better! Robin Givhan covered Michelle Obama for The Washington Post in and During the presidential campaign, Obama 39;s senior thesisnbsp; Her senior thesis doesn michelle obama princeton thesis paper say that PolitiFact A chain e-mail about Michelle Obama purports to be excerpts from a senior thesis she wrote while at Princeton University.

Comment by Taro — April 4, The whole black issue is one of a welfare state pushed on blacks throughout generations and also one of well educated blacks like Michelle who live with a big chip on her shoulder. Micheple truth that is hard michelle obama princeton thesis paper fathom is that people with her mentality are not reacting to any injustice done by others.