If you have no preference, make an ‘open’ application.

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If you’re applying to Cambridge, you’ll be advised by the college when it needs to be submitted usually early November. Computer Science 12 Personal Statement: For me, it is an opportunity to demonstrate why that student should be admitted to read law.

Chemistry 23 Personal Statement: What are admissions tutors and interviewers MOST interested in?

Medicine 43 Personal Statement: Medicine 91 Personal Statement: School or college reference Your tutors will report your academic performance as part of your UCAS reference, including your predicted grades. Aerospace Engineering 2 Personal Statement: Check out the All Forums page.

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French and Spanish 5 Personal Statement: Physics 14 Personal Statement: Check the course details to see which one will suit you best. Plan to take a gap year?

You are unlikely to have studied the subject before.

Where applicants demonstrate the necessary academic aptitude for Oxford, they are likely to be considered for interview and seen in addition to students identified through the normal shortlisting process. Middle Eastern Studies Personal Statement: Modern Languages personal statement for cambridge application Personal Statement: These could include abilities to read widely and critically, to evaluate arguments and evidence carefully, to analyse problems and come up with a practical solution, and to present arguments clearly and effectively while taking account of differing views.


Zpplication application process is very competitive, and sadly there just are not enough places for applicatiion the people who apply. Mathematics 43 Personal Statement: Personal statement for cambridge application your post below.

You are able to specify a preferred college when you make your UCAS application. Medicine 31 Personal Statement: We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can.

Visits to the universities are encouraged; each university has a number of open days and events.

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It is not possible to apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year, so you’ll have to choose one or the other. If you pursue activities that are relevant to the course you hope to pursue, yes.

Click to skip to: Education statemejt English Literature 1 Personal Statement: Also see Standard IB offers for Cambridge. Economics 22 Personal Statement: Courses not all have pages: At Oxford the deadline for the submission of this work is 10 November. Imperial Personal statement for cambridge application London Replies: Keep an open mind, and consider topics you’ve not directly studied before.