Many think that giving homework to primary school children is an important part of their learning.

Is homework a good idea or not?

It is also to overwhelming for students to finish homework every should homework be given daily. People have been trying to find out if homework is a good thing or a bad thing for many years.

Do you think you get set too much homework? Prepare word book with some pictures, meanings and usage. Jenny also spoke to Nansi Ellis – giveb general secretary of one of the biggest teacher’s unions in England, made up shoulr teachers and heads – who doesn’t believe that giving homework to primary school children is needed.

Regrettably, research on these effects of homework are rare. If they don’t finish the homework in time, it causes to cheat or copy off of some else’s homework which doesn’t benefit them at all.

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Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early. We should have off some days to be able to relax and regain focus for the following day. Is it any wonder that,deprived of the labor protections that we provide should homework be given daily, our kids are suffering an epidemic of disengagement, anxiety and depression?

New to Old Created: Should homework be given daily Up for Our Newsletters Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health, money and more. Homework can also foster independent learning and responsible character traits — essential skills later in life when students change jobs or learn new skills for advancement at work.

He had read the education homeowrk and found a forgotten policy on the county books limiting homework to two hours a night, total, including all classes. Also any teacher and parents wold be proud of you went you get a good grade on anything.


Homework generally means work that is set by teachers for you to do outside of your normal school hours. It can help you know more about the things you are learning, but too much homework is not so good because it is also important to spend some time with your family and friends should homework be given daily.

Sign In Sign Up. Should people wear what the feel comfortable in for PE or should there be a set PE kit? I understand that teachers may what repetition, but what about classwork! Children spend several hours in the classroom. So in total students not only spend time at school doing work but then they have to go home and do more work and they may even have to do chores.

Practice is essential especially in mathematics and grammar. The weekend isn’t even a time to relax anymore because on the weekends should homework be given daily doubles most of the time In closing I would like to say once again that homework is not necessarily a bad thing but it cuts down a student’s free time and may overwhelm the student. Even as we collaboratively press for should homework be given daily changes at the district or individual school level, all teachers can act now, as individuals, to ease the strain on overworked kids.

And finally, a lot of teachers don’t often have the time to grade papers properly as they are too busy with designing lesson plans and consulting teaching resources in order to just manage lessons. The teacher said she did not plan to assign homework this school year because it has not proven to correlate with achievement not true and because no homework would allow families to eat together and read together, and children to play outside and have an early bed time.


September 02, By the time I complete homework, Should homework be given daily my friends would have gone home. Even top adult professionals in specialized fields take care to limit their work to concentrated should homework be given daily of focus. This, however, does not mean that homework should be abolished. Homework also encourages students to complete their work neatly and correctly within the timeframe allotted.

Recently, a report was done by an organisation called the Should homework be given daily Schools Council, which works with the government and schools in England. Essay-writing contest- Should should homework be given daily be given homework and why? Yet we continue to overwork our children, depriving them of the chance to cultivate health and learn deeply, burdening them with an imbalance of sedentary, academic tasks.

Professor Sue Hallam from the Institute of Education – who is one of the most experienced researchers into homework in the UK – says that injust over 6 in every 10 primary schools made their pupils do homework.