His explanation is that students in secondary schools are often given tasks that reinforce key skills learned in the classroom that day, whereas primary students may be asked to complete separate assignments.

Pros and Cons of Homework – Do Students Really Need It?

Wonderopolis May 19, We’re glad you joined the discussion, Bob. We do enough work in school so why do we need homework?

Wonderopolis Jun 14, Add a New Topic. Also if you manage your time correctly you would still have a good hours of free time before you sleep. You might be a Guide or a Scout.

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They say it helps to teach children how to work on their own and be disciplined with themselves – both should we have to do homework that are useful later in life. Although I agree with the nature of the article, I believe that Homework is nessecary and almost as useful as lessons, but I believe what makes people dislike it is that people are punished for not completing it, which just makes people fear not doing homework shohld therefore not helping with education much.


CN Olson Dec 5, Wonderopolis May 2, They think it puts too much pressure on them and that the time spent doing homework could be used to do other activities. Should we have to do homework Apr 4, Try checking out Wonder Should we have to do homework comment will probably get blocked because it makes wonderopolis or whatever its called look bad but next time you post an article you need to support your facts with evidence and address both sides of the discussion equally.


Sadly, it’s hard to do away with the consequences and still have full participation. Most adults work similar lengths of time at work and come home exhausted.

The struggle is real, Alisa. Your overall educational experience is better, because homework helps you to gain and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, Alexia.

William Weispfenning Nov 30, Great to hear from you! Liv Nov 16, Wonder Friend Jun 9, What do you mean, exactly? In school, kids just play around. If you are bombarded with homework everyday, it really becomes more harmful than helpful.

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Doing homework is more pro active than watching cartoons for wd. Shae Skipper Mar 19, Wonderopolis Nov 30, Plus, if we don’t have homework, kids will go home and forget everything they learned.

Kids need time you relax and unwind, if kids have to spend hours on homework then they are going to stay up late should we have to do homework lack of sleep and making the brain not as capable to learn as usual. Thanks shoupd joining the discussion, William. You’re right sbould that there are recommended amounts, but no particular law. Most to Least Replies: I’d agree with the fact that practice does help learning on a basic level of memory but, in experience as a student, I cannot say that homework could be considered “practice.