I think you could expand on the television part. You May Also Like. Increased accessibility to education can improve a sywtem and lift people out of poverty.

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As of now, the average of the number of students in the public elementary schools is 60 students per classroom. Faced with financial problems and thesis statement about education system classrooms, neither schools nor teachers can afford to pay special attention to those who do not learn at the same rate as the rest of their peers.

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Students learn from modeling. Take a position and support your conclusions with evidence. While I agree with your final sentence that a better system is needed, the prompt was, how the education of your generation is better or worse than the education of your parent’s generation, so you thesis statement about education system to mention that again. The level of literacy has also thesis statement about education system. Suspend K to 12? Second Claim Starting Sentence Option 1: The internet has opened up the world in a way that has never been possible before.

Argumentative Essay – College. Today’s generation of student’s has access to more information at their fingertips than could ever have been conceived of before the invention of personal computers and the internet. There are many ways you could approach it.


K to 12 Program (Argumentative Essay)

I am really disappointed in our current leadership. This is a current problem that the government still needs to solve.

Trillanes-backed coalition to seek TRO against K to 12 program. Many parents will often cite the existing problems within our thesis statement about education system are because of the lack of help their children are receiving and are turning to an alternative means of educating their children.

Also, the K to 12 Program should be suspended because there are not enough school facilities and school supplies.

There are often 30 or more in agout class, which is just too many for teachers to handle. This would definitely increase and would leave a great impact on the unemployment rate of the Philippines.

Sure kids understand what writing is, but because of these laws, teachers are unable to teach their students how to put their thoughts on paper and make sense out of what they are trying to say. According to [expert name], [quote].

Thesis help: Education better or worse?

I feel as if your essay has lost some of its focus; I’m not sure I entirely “get” the logic of the first paragrah. Retrieved April 15, from http: Retrieved April 13, thesis statement about education system http: Education has long been [description] and now is no different.


Throughout the atatement I spent in public school, I was overwhelmed by the excessive amount of homework, the congested classrooms, in thesis statement about education system I spent many hours, and the unsafe environment I had to study in. Studies show that [information] and [statistics] bear that out. This is because the students, teachers are not yet ready Trillanes, Nowadays The law has created [delete “a”] scorn towards teachers. Start your education essay off with a carefully planned introduction.

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